Universal master batch is our new plastic master batch. With high concentration and simple application, it can be widely used in PE, PP, ABS and etc.

I. Dosage:

Taking 10% dosage as the sample, we should add 1kg of UG-50 into 4kg of blank resin, i.e. (1kgX0.5)/(1kg+4kg)=0.1. With the same method, we can find out that, adding 1kg of UG-50 into 9kg of blank resin, we will get plastic resin with 5% luminescent pigment.

II. After:

Counting out the proper dosage and mixing them well,it can be used without any other. Keep the processing temperature 2?-5? lower than the practical processing temperature.

III. Data:

1.The brightness of ABSG-10 made of UG4-50

Time(min.) 1min. 5min. 10min.
Brightness (mcd/m²) 387 106 58

2. The comparation between ABSG-5 made of UG-50 and PLO-4D

Time(min.) 1min. 5min. 10min.
Brightness (mcd/m²)
Production Method
With UG-50 197 54 27
With PLO-4D 91 23 12

The comparison of UG6-50 pellets with ABSG6-20 pellets ( both are mixed into PLO-6D pigments )

We are pleased to introduce our new phosphorescent pellets - UG6-50 pellets.

In our ABSG6-20 pellets there is 20% PLO-6D pigment; in UG6-50 pellets, there is 50% PLO-6D pigment. Now we account for you the results using the above two different pellets under the same content pigments:


50% ABSG6-20 + 50% ABS Resins and other auxiliaries=100% plastic products among the 50% ABSG6-20, the PLO-6D is 50% x 20%=10%;


20% UG6-50 + 80% ABS Resins=100% plastic products among the 20% UG6-50, the PLO-6D is 20% x 50%=10%;

The result is under the same content of PLO-6D pigments in the same two products, we need 50% ABSG6-20 in the plastic products; but only 20% UG6-50 is just OK. That is to say, 40kgs UG6-50=100kg ABSG6-20. And the most important thing is, if we produce the same two products with the above different pellets under the same content of PLO-6D pigment, that is to say, they need 50% ABSG6-20 plus 50% ABS resins and other auxiliaries into the one and 20% UG6-50 pigments plus 80% resins into the other to produce the same weight products, the brightness of the products mixed in UG6-50 is very obviously higher than that of the products mixed in ABSG6-20. Meanwhile, the UG6-50 pellets has many more advantages than ABSG6-20:

1. It is Universal, it could be mixed into many resins, such as ABS; PP; PE; PS; MBS; PVC; EVA; PMMA, etc. And it does not effect the function of resins basically. It is easy to disperse in the above resins.
2. The outward appearance of UG6-50 pellets is brighter than that of ABSG6-20 pellets, so the appearance of plastic products mixed by UG6-50 pellets is also brighter than that of ABSG6-20, the main reason is the less carriers of UG6-50 into the resins than that of ABSG6-20 because of their different quantity needed.
3. The plastic products mixed by UG6-50 could be retrieved, be reused and be reproduced repeatedly, and the appearance is not black, and be still brighter. ABSG6-20 is no way.
4. It need not any other auxiliaries, and be very easy to operate. You only mix the UG6-50 into the resins equally for processing as per the required proportion. Contrary, the ABSG6-20 need some ones in the recipes which I informed you before. Note that in processing the temperature of the feeding section could be lower 2 - 5°C than that of real processing.

We no longer offer ABSG masterbatches. The above information is for reference only.

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