The luminous leather is, in fact, a kind of leather which absorbs, stores the light energy when shinned (excited) by natural or artificial light sources such as sunlight; fluorescent light etc, it will gradually and continuously release absorbed energy in the form of visible rays for up to 8 hours in the dark. It has nontoxic and harmless, free from any radioactive additives.


It is suitable for many fields such as the following:

  1. Shoes: footwear; slippers; children shoes;
  2. Garments: clothing of police; fire fighter; miner; decorations of cloth, gloves, caps, girdle:
  3. Bags: schoolbags; lady's handbags;
  4. Furniture: sofa; chair; escape door;
  5. Others: outer of notebook; leather toys; etc.

Technical Specification:

Decay intensity: 0 min: > 3200 mcd/m
10 min: > 32 mcd/m
60 min: > 4.0 mcd/m
120 min: > 1.9 mcd/m
480 min: > 0.7 mcd/m

Continuity: the luminosity of 5 years > 80 %

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